R&B Grill is not just an ordinary restaurant, this restaurant is equipped with a meatshop & grocery for us to shop for frozen food and spices, bread, cakes, even vegetables and fruits, almost all of which are imported. The steak is delicious and fil ling, the meat is a little dry, not juicy but the broccoli cheese is delicious. Mashed potatoes are delicious. The creme brulee looks beautiful, but I th ink the old one is better. Now it's more slippery in the mouth and the caramel is thicker. The sausages are delicious, if you eat them with mashed potatoes, the taste is balanced. For the price and quality worth it. This restaurant is a must try, especially for visitors who want to eat well while shopping, R&B Grill is the choice
Great place with spacious garden area where I enjoyed a very good live band performance. The staff is very polite and professional. Very fast service. Food arrived super fast. Delicious and affordable. Really enjoy the all experience. Great job all! Highly recommended'
If netijen wants to find a steak with the level of doneness you want, this is the place
Vidya Damarasri
Cozy place for dining and spend t ime with your business partners, colleagues, relatives or lover. Lots variety of steaks and drinks. But price a bit pricey for the steak. I didn't order for the steak since arrived there already arround 8pm and I'm on diet. So I only take salad and ice cream
Joanne Trivena
This place is quite easy to find despite not located on the main road. Parking lot limited, not that spacious but enough. The place itself is consist of the market that sell mainly imported products, delicatessen, boulangerie, and restaurant at the back. If we get inside from the entrance door, we will get into the market and delicatessen first, but if we get from the side door, we will get into the boulangerie. The Restaurant at the back is practically located in the backyard, in the garden as the view in the middle. The interior is vintage with so many pictu res and ornaments there. The menu here basically western food, with the steak as the highlight of the main course. We can choose the type of meat that we want, the side dish and veggies too. They give us bread and butter sometimes or with CreamCheese as the welcoming entree. Taste great and price is understandable with the great service and quality too.
Irene Dyah Saraswati
Might be the best steakhouse in town, despite not located in the city center, it's sti ll fully crowded by customers at mealtime. Integrated with ready to cook and whatnot store in the frontend of the restaurant, customers are offered more to explore. The restaurant itself has vintage ambience yet cozy, smooking area also available, the food quality meets the price tag, taste delicious generally, parking lot also available though not that spacious, and service is quite good. Recommended.
Yulifar Widodo